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Regina, Saskatchewan

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About Us

We are located at the corner of Elphinstone St. and Dewdney Ave.

Areas Served:

  • Regina
  • Balgony
  • Pilot Butte
  • Weyburn
  • Estevan


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Payments Accepted:

  • Visa
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  • Checks/Cash
Seaspray Laundry, 3437 Dewdney Ave., Regina, Sask

Established in 1994, Seaspray Laundry has been keeping Regina clean for over 20 years. Our store has a fresh and friendly atmosphere with updated washing machines for both your residential as well as commercial needs.

We are located conveniently at the corner of Elphinstone St. and Dewdney Ave. and are open seven days a week.



Take care of your everyday laundry here at Seaspray Laundry. We have coin operated MAYTAG Equipment and an easy drop-off Service that includes a wash, dry and we fold it for you! We also can do any seasonal or specialty laundry needs you may have such as quilts, sleeping bags, and duvets!


We even do Commercial Laundry! Save some cash with us and get a deal on washing Coveralls, Work Uniforms, and Rig Clothing.

Need an Estimate? Contact us today!

Seaspray Laundry Residential Services
Seaspray Laundry Commerical Services


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Contact Seaspray Laundry

Corner of Elphinstone St. and Dewdney Ave.

3437 Dewdney Ave.
Regina, Sask. S4T 0Z2


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Mon. to Sat.
8am - 9pm
9am - 9pm
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